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Continuous Innovation & Quality

About Us

Continuous Innovation & Quality

Our Journey

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1940 - 1990

The Beginning Of Hovid

1941- First started as a modest herbal tea stall that solely sells “Ho Yan Hor” herbal tea.

1960- Turned into a factory that also manufactures “Ho Yan Hor” medicated oil.

1980- Fully converted into Hovid, a pharmaceutical company that makes OTC and generic drugs.


1990 - 2000

Exploring Potentials

1991- Launch of a soft gel production facility.

1993- In association with Universiti Sains Malaysia, a second R&D team was formed. 

1999- Publication of the bioequivalence study for Hovid’s product.

2000- Accepted as a supplier for UNICEF’s drugs acquisition programme.

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2000 - 2005

Establishment of Hovid Bhd Ltd.

2001- Acquired PIC/s GMP certification.

2002- Acquisition of Germisep (an effervescent disinfection pill) technology.

2003- The Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology published Hovid’s Artemisinin research. Suprabio patent is granted in USA. The bioequivalence investigation for Hovid’s product is finished. 

2004- Obtained “Industry Excellence Award 2004” from Ministry of International Trade Industry (MITI). Awarded as “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur” of the year.

2005- Publicity was listed on the Second Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) as Hovid Berhad.


2005 - 2010

International Expansion

2006- “Excellence in Pharmaceutical Industry Award” from Technology Business Review.

2007- Hovid Ltd. Was incorporated in Hong Kong and obtained “Process Innovation Award 2007”.

2008- Hovid’s R&D department moved to Hovid Research Sdn Bhd (now known as Attest Research Sdn Bhd). Obtained “Industrial Technologies Award” from Frost & Sullivan. Obtained “International Innovation Award” from ICIS.

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2010 - 2022

The Past 12 Years

2016- Renovation of the former Ho Yan Hor shop into the Ho Yan Hor Museum.  R&D Center for BE studies opened in Penang.  Obtained ASEAN Business Awards Malaysia (ABAM) – Healthcare Category.

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